Social Media Marketing & Tuition for your business

Social media marketing services for Honiton, Exeter & East Devon

AG Signs & Print Ltd know the benefits and importance of Social media marketing for business, helping to build exposure for your business and website. We get work from Social medai channels for FREE!

Using social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc. can really benefit your business, below are the most recognised benefits of adopting a social media marketing presence:

bulletsocial media marketing DevonIncrease your brand recognition

bulletBetter search engine rankings

bulletBetter conversion rate of leads

bulletAn increase in following and exposure of your brand

bulletDecreased marketing costs

bulletIncreased inbound traffic for your website

bulletRicher customer interaction & experience

bulletLive interaction with potential clients

bulletMore enquiries from new customers

bulletIt's FREE!

As with everything however, your social media channels for your business need to be set up correctly and a careful planned marketing campaign should be planned.

Social media conjures up many questions such as:
Who do you want to connect with? What do you say? What is a retweet? What is a hashtag? What is a Handle? Which social media channels should I use? When should I interact? Where do I start? What if I haven't got the time to do this?

This is where we can help. AG Signs & Print Ltd offer 2 distinct Social media services:

bulletSocial media marketing - We undertake this on behalf of many of our clients. We can set up and brand their social media accounts for them and set up a strategically planned marketing campaign for them, helping to building exposure for their businesses and websites. We offer an affordable monthly package.

bulletSocial media training - We offer social media training on a one to one basis. We look primarily at your business and show you how to set up your accounts correctly and how to plan a strategic marketing campaign. We explain all those questions you have around hashtags, retweets, favouites, Likes and shares etc. We also show you how to use them to maximum benefit and introduce you to groups on the networks that can considerably help you going forward. We offer one to one training on an hourly basis.

Contact us if you want to find out more about either of our social media services. We are here to help you get the most out of what is the biggest and best free marketing you will ever get!

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