AG's Grotto Lotto

This year Santa has asked children to help him decorate his grotto.  Keep an eye on facebook for daily updates on his Grotto in Dowell Street, Honiton.

He had so many pictures not all would fit in his grotto so he has asked us to post them all here with his thanks to all the children that took part.  He thought they were all terrific!

"Well Done All - See you all soon"


 Santa's Grotto

 All the Pictures sent to Santa.

Adam Age 7.jpgAiden Age 5.jpgAiden Age 6.jpgAimee Age 9.jpgAlanna Age 8.jpgAlec Age 6.jpgAlfie.jpgAlfie Age 5.jpgAlfie Age 7.jpgAlfie Age 10.jpgAlice.jpgAmber-Jayne Age 6.jpgAnnie Age 7.jpgArchie Age 8.jpgAva.jpgBarney Age 11.jpgBebe Age 9.jpgBen Age 6 .jpgBen Age 6.jpgBen Age 7.jpgBen Age 9.jpgBen Age 10.jpgBenjamin Age 10.jpgBethany Age 8.jpgBria Age 7.jpgCallum Age 7.jpgCharlie Age 6.jpgCharlotte Age 7.jpgCharlotte Age 9.jpgChristina Age 8.jpgCoen Age 5.jpgDaisy Age 8.jpgDanielle Age 8.jpgDarcey Age 5.jpgEdward Age 6.jpgEleanor Age 7.jpgElla Age 6.jpgEllie Age 5.jpgElliot Age 9.jpgEloise Age 6.jpgElowen Age 8.jpgEmily Age 8.jpgEsme Age 5..jpgEsme Age 5.jpgFaber Age 6.jpgFelix Age 7.jpgFleur.jpgFrances Age 11.jpgFreya Age 10.jpgGeorge Age 5.jpgGeorge Age 6.jpgGeorge Age 7.jpgGeorgia Age 11.jpgGrace.jpgGrace Age 4.jpgGrace Age 7 .jpgGrace Age 7.jpgGracie Age 8.jpgHamish Age 8.jpgHarrison Age 7.jpgHolly Age 7.jpgImogen Age 7.jpgIsabelle Age 7.jpgIsable Age 7.jpgIsobel Age 6.jpgIssy Age 7.jpgIssy Age 8.jpgIvy Age 5.jpgJack Age 7..jpgJack Age 7.jpgJacob Age 6.jpgJames Age 9.jpgJessica.jpgJessica Age 6.jpgJodie Age 5.jpgJoey Age 7.jpgJoey Age 10.jpgJoll.jpgJoshua Age 7 copy.jpgJoshua B Age 7.jpgJoshua O Age 7..jpgKeziah Age 8.jpgKieran Age 7.jpgLeala Age 6.jpgLeela.jpgLewen Age 7.jpgLewis Age 7.jpgLiam Age 8.jpgLily Age 5.jpgLily Age 6.jpgLouis Age 7.jpgLuca Age 6.jpgLucas Age 8.jpgMacy Age 6.jpgMadeleine Age 11.jpgMaicey Age 10.jpgMarissa Age 9.jpgMatthew.jpgMatthew Age 8.jpgMaya Age 5.jpgMia Age 7.jpgMichael Age 6.jpgMillie Age 7.jpgMillie Age 10.jpgMolly Age 6.jpgNatalie Age 9.jpgNoah Age 7 .jpgNoah Age 7.jpgNo Name..jpgNo Name.jpgOli Age 6.jpgOliver Age 10.jpgOlivia Age 5.jpgOlly.jpgOrla Age 6.jpgPoppy Age 5.jpgRebekah Age 6.jpgRoma Age 9.jpgRowan Age 8.jpgSam Age 6.jpgSol Age 8.jpgStan Age 6.jpgTegan Age 4.jpgTessa Age 10.jpgThomas Age 6.jpgThomas Age 7..jpgThomas Age 9.jpgTia Age 8.jpgTiana Age 9.jpgTom Age 10.jpgTommy Age 6.jpgWilliam Age 6.jpgWilliam Age 7.jpgWilliam Age 11.jpgWillow Age 11.jpgWils Age 5.jpgZachary.jpgZachery Age 6.jpgZak Age 7.jpg

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